Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
a component of the
Alaska Aviation System Plan


NPIAS: 02-0366
Airport Use: Public
Type: Airport
FAA Associated City: NUIQSUT
DOT&PF Region: ---
DOT Owned: False
Facility Status: Active
A Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) is a notice containing information essential to personnel concerned with flight operations but not known far enough in advance to be publicized by other means. It states the abnormal status of a component of the National Airspace System (NAS) – not the normal status. The AASP NOTAM Data Manager was initiated on 5/15/2020 and enables users to search past and current NOTAMs issued for Alaska airports and airspace. Additional information (information known far enough in advance) is published in the FAA 5010 record and in the Alaska Supplement.
NOTAMs are written in a unique language using special contractions, which makes communication more efficient and allows computer systems to parse important words. A tutorial on NOTAMs is available from the FAA in two focus areas; NOTAM Basics for Airports and NOTAM Basics for Pilots. NOTAM contractions are available here.
Category is a general grouping of NOTAMs based on origination of the information or area of the NAS affected.
Aerodrome: Describes a temporary change or hazard or potential hazard on or within 5 statute miles of an airport, heliport, or maneuvering area that is not associated with a specific movement area surface. Such hazards may include, (but are not limited to), aerodrome closures, lighting not associated with a specific movement area surface, aerodrome services (fuel, customs, ARFF), helicopter platforms, meteorological equipment (wind indicators) or services, and wildlife hazards.
Obstruction: Describes a temporary change or hazard. Such hazards may include, (but are not limited to), moored balloon, kite, tower, crane, stack, obstruction, wind turbine, obstruction lighting outage, obstruction status, or telecommunication tower light outage.
Airspace: Keyword used to describe an airspace restriction or activity warning which impacts, restricts, or precludes use of airspace. Such restrictions and activities may include, (but are not limited to), parachute jumping, unmanned aircraft, etc.
Procedure: Related to a published IFR or VFR Procedure (ODP, SID, STAR, IAP, VFP, CHART, ROUTE, SPECIAL, SFARs, ADIZ)
Chart: Keyword used to describe a U.S. Government chart correction, followed by name of chart and word “CORRECT” that becomes effective before the next publication cycle.
Services: Keyword used to describe a temporary change or hazard associated with change in service levels, such as operating hours, air traffic management services, or airport services. The ICAO contraction for service (SER) is an allowable contraction in the body of the NOTAM. “SVC” is only used as the keyword contraction for Service NOTAMs.
Communication: Describes a temporary change or hazard caused by or related to communication outlets and air−to−ground frequencies due to commissioning, decommissioning, outage, or unavailability.
Military: Issued by United States Department of Defense (DOD) pertaining to a military facility or published military procedure (not for civil use) and often contains language not conforming to standard NOTAM contractions.
Navaid (Navigational Aids): Describes a temporary change or hazard caused by the changes in the status of ground−based radio navigational aids and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) (except for area navigation (RNAV) approach anomalies).
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