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HEALY RIVER: PCI/Surface Condition

Data Set:      
The following information is pulled from the triannual Pavement Condition Index (PCI) reports completed by the DOT&PF Pavement Management and Preservation Office, with airport data updated each year as inspections are done. Additional program information is available here and full reports downloadable here.
DOT Recommended Runway Length: Label
Weighted Average PCIRunway ConditionSurface TypeGeneral Pavement Recommendations
48.00 Good Condition ASPH 40-59 Rehabilitate
Taxiway IdentifierWeighted Average PCISurface TypeGeneral Pavement Recommendations
Apron Taxilane (400) 52.00 40-59 Rehabilitate
Taxiway A (100) 36.00 0-39 Reconstruct
Taxiway B (200) 35.00 0-39 Reconstruct
Taxiway C (300) 49.64 40-59 Rehabilitate
Apron IdentifierWeighted Average PCISurface TypeGeneral Pavement Recommendations
Apron 2 (4200) 51.00 40-59 Rehabilitate
North Apron (4400) 51.17 40-59 Rehabilitate
South Apron (4100) 47.00 40-59 Rehabilitate
TW B Apron (4300) 43.00 40-59 Rehabilitate
Area of Paved Runway(sq.ft.): 175,200
Area of Paved Taxiway(sq.ft.): 154,535
Area of Paved Apron(sq.ft.): 156,535
Last PCI Inspection: 8/31/2020
Last CIMP Inspection: 9/15/2016
Runway Weighted Average PCI: 48.00
Taxiway Weighted Average PCI: 43.16
Apron Weighted Average PCI: 48.04
Last Updated: 8/3/2022 5:45:23 AM