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Need Name: Revenue Generation -New Lease Lots
Common Name: Revenue Generation -New Lease Lots
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Estimated Cost:
Description: Build a new taxiway joining the new apron with the North Apron so that airside lease lots may be developed.
Priority: Short
Need Origination: Community
Justification: There is unmet demand for aircraft lease lots. The airport manager has developed a list of persons interested in positioning aircraft on the airport but can't because there is no lease lot or hangar space to do so. Given the ferocious winds and weather conditions of the Aleutians, people want opportunity to build a hangar for their aviation investment. The new apron lease lots were all taken before the apron was even built. Alaska Airlines will also need a taxiway to the North Apron in order to move their jets out without causing damage from jet blast.
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Paul Khera
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2/22/2021 01:17 PM