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Need Name: Construct New Chemical Storage Building
Common Name: Construct New Chemical Storage Building
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Estimated Cost: $5,702,080
Description: Demolish existing abandoned fire hall and construct new building with chemical mixing and storage area and a bay for one vehicle.
Priority: Mid
Need Origination: Other
Justification: This project will involve the construction of a new SRE building that will include mixing and storage of chemical and an application truck which will be a significant improvement for the airports ice control capability. RCAM reporting requirements, the importance of the runway for diversions of an increasing number of HOPS aircraft, and the resulting pressure on a small crew to effectively maintain the runway make the use of chemical treatments a necessity. The site selected for the new building is the location of an abandoned fire hall on the airport that is well beyond its useful life. This location will provide the best access to both runways and will add an element of safety to the airport that is very much needed today.
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