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Need Overview

Need Name: Strengthen Apron Pavement
Common Name: Strengthen Apron Pavement
Funding Source:
Sub Category:
Estimated Cost: $5,304,500
Description: Repave the South Apron, Taxiway A, and Taxiway B. Strengthen the pavement to hold a B777-900.
Priority: Long
Need Origination: FAA Initiatives
Justification: The Cold Bay Airport is used as an ETOPS airport and often heavy aircraft must land there and park for a few days. The designated parking space at the South Apron and Taxiways A & B do not have pavement strength for such aircraft. There is nowhere else to park these aircraft. This pavement needs to be strengthened for B777-900 aircraft that may have to land at the airport. We must have these facilities available for SAFETY reasons.
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