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Need Name: Bethel Parallel Runway Repairs
Common Name: Bethel Parallel Runway Repairs
Funding Source:
Sub Category:
Estimated Cost: $9,548,100
Description: Rehabilitate RW 1R/19L to correct sinking areas with depressions and dips.
Priority: Mid
Need Origination: Other
Justification: Numerous areas of progressive deterioration, settlement, and ponding on RW 1R/19L. Four large dips have developed on RW 19R approximately 1,000' from each threshold, and have grown in size to be approximately 75 feet wide (full runway width), vary in length from 50 feet to 200 feet, and are a maximum of 16 inches deep. Item A 033 on the Form 5010 states "multiple pavement variations (dips) scattered full length of RWY 1R‐19L on both sides of centerline." The parallel runway was carrying a NOTAM for approximately a year before it was entered into the Supplement. Aircraft currently land long and stop short to avoid the two dips located approximately 1000 feet from each threshold, and will taxi slowly around them to enter and exit the apron. M&O is considering closing the parallel runway if conditions get worse.
Notes: For Spending Plan
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