Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
a component of the
Alaska Aviation System Plan


NPIAS: 02-0406
Airport Use: Public
Type: Airport
FAA Associated City: KOKHANOK
DOT&PF Region: Southcoast
DOT Owned: True
Facility Status: Active
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Federal Fiscal Year (FFY):
Purpose Definition
CA Capacity
EN Environment
OT Other
PL Planning
RC Reconstruction
RE Rehabilitate
SA Safety/Security
SB State Block Grant Program
SE Security Enhancements
SP Statutory Emphasis Programs
ST Standards
Component Definition
RW Runway Projects
TW Taxiway Projects
AP Apron Projects
TE Terminal Projects
BD Building Projects (other than terminals)
GT Ground Transportation Projects
EQ Equipment, Security, and Fencing
OT Other Projects
LA Land Acquisition (other than noise land)
NA New Airport Projects
PL Planning Projects
SB Seaplane Base Projects
HE Heliport/Helipad Projects
VT Vertiport Projects
HO Noise Projects (other than planning)
PB Noise Mitigation Measures for Public Buildings
Type Definition
60 Noise Mitigation Measures for Residences outside 65 DNL
65 Noise Mitigation Measures for Residences within 65 - 69 DNL
70 Noise Mitigation Measures for Residences within 70 - 74 DNL
75 Noise Mitigation Measures for Residences within 75 DNL
AC Access
AQ Acquire Existing Airport
CO Construct
DI Deicing
DV Development
ES Environment Sustainable
EX Extend
FF Fuel Farm
FR Groove Runway
IM Improve
Type Definition
IN Install Instruments
LI Lighting
MA Master Planning
ME Metropolitan System Plan
MS Miscellaneous
MT Environmental Mitigation
NO Noise
OB Obstructions
PA Parking
PM People Mover
PR On-Airport Energy Production
RF Rescue & Fire Fighting
RL Rail
SE Security Enhancements
Type Definition
SF Safety Area
SG Guidance Signs
SN Snow Removal
SR Sensors
ST State System Plan
SV Service Road
SZ Acquire land/easement for approaches
VI Vertical/Visual Guidance System
VT Conduct Vertiport Plan
WH Wildlife Hazard Assessments
WR Construct Wash Rack
WX Install Weather Reporting Equipment
ZE Zero Emissions Vehicle/Infrastructure
Grant Agreement Date:
Grant Summary Statistics
Total Grants: 4
Total Number of Grant Work Codes: 11 Total Grants: $7,232,678.00
Total Number of Open Grant Work Codes: 1 Total Open Grants: $359,436.00
Total Number of Closed Grant Work Codes: 10 Total Closed Grants: $6,873,242.00
AIP Grant Listing
The following listing displays all grants since the initiation of the Airport Improvement Program in 1982, most recent to oldest, with the exception of the current federal fiscal year. Grant Agreement Date refers to the date the grant was initiated, Closeout Submitted to FAA notes the date DOT&PF staff submitted a closeout package for review, and Grant Close Date is the official grant closure date, as reported by the FAA. Total cost below includes all AIP funding types (entitlement, discretionary, etc.).
Additional details are exportable into Excel or by going to Reports >> AIP Grants.
FFY    Grant Number    

Each Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grant has a distinct number from the beginning of the program in 1982 to present day. All grants are for the planning and development of public-use airports included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS).

3-02-0000-024-2018 FAA Region (Alaskan)

3-02-0000-024-2018 Airport NPIAS number, assigned to all NPIAS airports starting with 0001 for Adak. 0200 is used for various multi-airport grants (such as pavement marking, various surface maintenance, etc.) and 0000 is used for State System Grants such as the statewide system planning grant.

3-02-0000-024-2018 Grant Sequence Number (this is the 24th grant at this facility)

3-02-0000-024-2018 Federal Fiscal Year Grant Awarded

Work Code    

FAA defines project work codes as a 6-character alpha identifier consisting of three 2-character elements that express purpose, component and type, represents specific airport development and is used in the national priority system equation to produce a numerical rating. Each 2-character alpha identifier may be assigned a value ranging from 0 to 10.

(1) The purpose (P) identifier signifies the underlying objective of an airport development project (e.g., reconstruct, planning, safety). There are approximately 13 purpose identifiers.

(2) The component (C) identifier signifies the physical component (e.g., runway, airfield, planning), for which the development is intended. There are approximately 31 component identifiers.

(3) The type (T) identifier signifies the actual work being done (e.g., expand/extend, construct, update). There are approximately 61 type identifiers.

More information is available in the FAA Order 5090.5, Formulation of the NPIAS and ACIP.

Project DescriptionGrant Agreement DateCloseout Submitted to FAAGrant Close DateTotal
2021 3-02-0406-003-2021 ST EQ SN Acquire Snow Removal Equipment 7/13/2021 $359,436
2012 3-02-0200-087-2012 RE RW IM [Various Grant] Rehabilitate Runway 06/24 Various Surface Preservation Maintenance (Kokhanok) 9/19/2012 1/9/2019 $31,500
2005 3-02-0406-002-2005 ST BD SN Construct Snow Removal Equipment Building 8/18/2005 1/28/2013 $713,000
2005 3-02-0406-002-2005 ST AP IM Expand Apron 8/18/2005 1/28/2013 $545,000
2005 3-02-0406-002-2005 ST RW IM Extend Runway 06/24 8/18/2005 1/28/2013 $1,995,000
2005 3-02-0406-002-2005 ST RW IM Extend Runway 06/24 (RSA Development) 8/18/2005 1/28/2013 $2,264,458
1984 3-02-0406-001-1984 OT GT AC Improve Access Road 9/21/1984 2/4/1988 $433,985
1984 3-02-0406-001-1984 ST BD SN Improve Snow Removal Equipment Building 9/21/1984 2/4/1988 $57,336
1984 3-02-0406-001-1984 ST TW CO Construct Taxiway 9/21/1984 2/4/1988 $15,244
1984 3-02-0406-001-1984 ST AP CO Construct Apron 9/21/1984 2/4/1988 $107,978
1984 3-02-0406-001-1984 ST RW CO Construct Runway 13/31 9/21/1984 2/4/1988 $709,741