Welcome Message

Welcome! The Alaska Aviation System Plan (AASP) internal website is the portal for aviation data and reporting for the Department of Transportation & Public Facilities.  It currently includes: 

·         Airport facilities, needs, and Capital Improvement and Maintenance Program (CIMP) data

·         Miscellaneous aviation data for State of Alaska facilities as well as other public facilities

·         Photo module for inspection photos, airport sketches, and other facility events

New features coming in 2018: 

·         Internal AIP Spending Plan module

·         Economic Impact Study Update with new data and trends

·         Airport statistics section with historical AIP information and need reporting tools

·         CIMP application iPad conversion

·         Internal resource tab for updated reports and studies

·         Website facelift


CIMP: The CIMP manual is available at the following link and provides step by step instructions on how to complete a CIMP inspection. To download, copy and paste the link into a separate browser.




News and Alerts


·         In the Reports tab, Airport Needs Book subtab, the Airport Needs Book updates are complete!

·         Under the Project Tab, the APEB nomination and M&O funding module is now available!


Please let us know how we are doing! Both the internal and public website are updated and expanding as new tools are developed for effective planning and management of airports across the system. For questions or comments, contact statewideaviation@alaska.gov or Rebecca Douglas at rebecca.douglas@alaska.gov.

More than 700 airports in the state are registered with the FAA and have airport master records (5010 Forms) available. Less than half of these airports have additional inventory data available, gathered as part of the ongoing Alaska Aviation System Plan Update. Most, but not all, of the airports owned by the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities are included in the airports that have additional inventory data.