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Need Overview

Need Name: Apply Dust Palliative
Quality of Life*:
Funding Source:
M&O Activity:
Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Equipment
Crack Sealing
Drainage Maintenance & Repair
Dust Control
Embankment Stabilization
Erosion Control
Fence and Gate Repair/Replacement/Installation
Flexible Threshold Markers
Lighting Repair/Replacement
Minor Gravel Resurfacing
Minor Pavement Repair
Obstruction Removal
Pavement Markings
Replacement of Visual Aids
Runway Grading
Safety Areas
Snow Removal Equipment
Stability Control
Vegetation Control
Estimated Cost: $202,870
Description: Apply dust palliative to retain the critical fine particles in the crushed surfacing. To be treated with dust palliative for fines preservation to bind aggregate to prevent loss of fines from the runway, taxiway, and partial apron.
Priority: N/A
Need Origination: M&O
Notes: 35-R
Last Edit Date: 11/23/2022 09:19 AM
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